Deep Development in Indian Market

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In March 2017, we entered the Indian market.In May 2017,  CCTEB India was established,marking the beginning of our development on this hot spot as an international contractor.

In April 2018, CCTEB India successfully won the first bid in the Indian market, Skymansion Residential Project in Delhi, achieving the first breakthrough in the Indian market. In 2019, after successfully undertaking the Factory Project in Pune for HENGTONG and the Factory Project in Noida for Vivo, we also stepped up our efforts to procure large-scale infrastructure project from the Indian government.


                   Skymansion Residential Project


                 Factory Project in Pune for HENGTONG


                Factory Project in Pune for HENGTONG

At present, CCTEB India is mainly engaged in building and infrastructure construction, engineering consulting, international trade, real estate and infrastructure investment.

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