Humanity Shines through the Dark Cloud of the Epidemic Care for both Chinese and Pakistani Employees Engaged in the PKM (Sukkur-Multan Section ) Project

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In Pakistan, nearly 30 Chinese employees at the HQ, Multan of the Peshawar-Karachi Motorway (PKM) Project (Multan-Sukkur Section) led by China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. (CCTEB) remained at their posts during the Covid-19 epidemic. They worked online and adopted localized management approach, thereby keeping the motorway operational and ensuring orderly traffic on the motorway during the epidemic. As a result, local medical supplies and daily necessities could be quickly and timely delivered to towns and hospitals along the motorway, and the impact of the epidemic on the locals was expected to be minimized.

With a total length of 392 kilometers, a design speed of 120 kilometers per hour , the PKM (Sukkur-Multan Section) Project is the largest transport infrastructure project under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The PKM (Sukkur-Multan Section) Project commenced construction in August 2016 and was inaugurated and open to traffic on 5th November, 2019, becoming the most technically advanced and intelligent motorway in Pakistan. With the completion of the motorway, the north and the south in central Pakistan are linked up, which greatly improves Pakistan's traffic conditions, directly stimulates the social and economic development of the regions along the motorway, and benefits the Pakistani people. Therefore, the PKM (Sukkur-Multan Section) Project has been well received among the locals.

The Project attaches great importance to the health and safety of employees, said Uzmir, the Pakistani Logistics Supervisor at the HQ, Multan of the Project, After the outbreak of the epidemic, CCTEB has quickly prioritized epidemic control efforts, strictly implemented closed-off management on all camps of the Project, thoroughly disinfected public spaces, collected and analyzed personal body temperature and health data every day, and carried out multiple rounds of nucleic acid testing and health screening. Everyone has dutifully complied with COVID-19 control requirements. The Project departments have ensured that protective measures cover everyone, leaving no areas unattended. Thanks to these measures, there has been no case of infection in any camp.

Just before the Eid al-Fitr festival, in order to help solve the practical difficulties of some Pakistani employees during the epidemic, the PKM (Sukkur-Multan Section) Project commissioned Umair, a purchasing specialist, to visit the families of more than 10 Pakistani employees and provide flour, peanut oil, milk and masks to them. Along with these supplies, Umair also extended, on behalf of the Project, regards and care at such special time to them, bolstering their confidence in winning the battle against the epidemic.

In addition to taking effective measures to protect its employees from Covid-19 and providing care for them, the Project has also proactively provided assistance and support to the local society. In March 2020, the Project donated 1 million Pakistani rupees to local PIMS hospitals through the All-Pakistan Chinese Enterprises' Association (APCEA). In October, the Project managed to mobilize epidemic prevention and control supplies worth 200,000 RMB and donated them to relevant local authorities, fully demonstrating that the Chinese enterprises engaged in fulfilling the Belt and Road Initiative are responsible ones. These donation events were reported by multiple local mainstream media outlets and received numerous thumbs-up from Pakistani netizens.

Mr. Xiao Hua, General Manager of the PKM (Sukkur-Multan Section) Project, said, "the Project attaches great importance to the life, health and safety of each and every employee. Humanity shines through the dark cloud of the epidemic. Only through mutual assistance can we tide over the difficulties." The Project will remain cautious, implement rigorous COVID-19 prevention and control measures, and make every effort to ensure the smooth operation of the Motorway. Moreover, it will continue to provide assistance in whatever way it can to the locals and maximize the strength of Chinese enterprises to support the locals in the fight against the epidemic, with a view to jointly winning this fight.

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