The Second Construction Co. Made Joint Efforts in the Virus Fight Overseas

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During the convid-19 pandemic raged globally, overseas grassroots units strictly implemented the epidemic prevention and control measures. The four major offices took the role as command center to establish temporary region-based grid mechanism, with the goal of "thoughts-strengthening,measures-implementing,logistics-supporting,and employees-caring".

Synchronized actions in respect of epidemic prevention and control, safety production, and operation management have been adopted within overseas branches, with responsibilities implemented at all levels, deployment and commands unified as a whole, the wartime state been initiated in the earliest, special meetings and emergency plans been worked out for swift mobilization. During the epidemic period, all work was progressing steadily under high pressure with zero work-stopped project and zero adverse mass incidents. Overseas volunteers took the lead in epidemic control work, together with the other front-line employees, fought the virus regardless of the risks they faced. A number of advanced examples emerged, allowing overseas to gather stronger joint force in overcoming difficulties in fight of covid-19.

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