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China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CCTEB”) was incorporated in Panzhihua, Sichuan Province in 1965 as approved by the State Council under the special circumstance in 1960s i.e. the Third-Front Movement in China. It was relocated to Guizhou Province in 1966 and then Hubei Province in 1975. It is an important subsidiary wholly owned by the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (known as “CSCEC”, one of the Fortune 500 companies) listed on the Stock Exchange (stock code: 601668.SH) since the merge happened in 1982.

CCTEB has 12 top qualifications for 4 categories of construction engineering, municipal public, highway engineering and petrochemica;12 Class A qualifications for road, municipal, petrochemical and construction industry (construction and civil air defense ),which is in the industry leading level. CCTEB has 30,000 employees, 24 major secondary affiliates, and over 1000 projects under construction located in first and second-tier cities in China and 13 countries (regions) such as Pakistan and Algeria etc. In terms of the comprehensive strength, CCTEB ranks first among the top 100 competitive companies in the construction industry in China and top 3 among the top 100 companies in Hubei Province for many years. CCTEB won the title of “National Civilized Organization” and National May 1 Labor Certificate both for four times, as well as 218 Luban Gold Awards (the National Quality Project Awards), and 22 Tien-yow Jeme Prizes. CCTEB ranks top among the companies with similar size in the industry and is known as the “Outstanding Leader in Construction Industry of China”. CCTEB signed new contracts with a total value of 455.3 billion Yuan and achieved business revenue of 237.3 billion Yuan (including equity participation) in 2018. As calculated based on the revenue, CCTEB, as a subsidiary of CSCEC, had reached the standards of Fortune 500 (No. 345), ENR250, international engineering contractors(No. 56), Top 500 Chinese enterprises(No.40).

CCTEB has the business style of "dare to be the first in the world and always fight for the No.1", with the famous "Shenzhen Speed" created, namely “one floor built within 3 days” in the Shenzhen International Trade Building Project in 1980s, presenting a symbol of the reform and opening-up of China. CCTEB had undertaken (or participated in) the highest building projects in more than 20 provinces, regions and cities of China, including the Shanghai World Financial Center (492 m), Beijing CITIC Tower(528m),Tianjin Goldin Finance 117 Tower (597 m), as well as a large number of representative projects, such as the “New CCTV Headquarter” known as one of the " Ten Architecture Miracles in the World ", and there are 6 super high-rise buildings higher than 500m (7 nationwide in total) were built by CCTEB as a general contractor or participant. Its urban infrastructure business has a rapid development and a number of product series have been formed in terms of the municipal roads, urban viaducts, channels across the lakes, super bridges across the river, rail transit, etc.

CCTEB deeply implements the “2-wheel” driving strategy consisting of construction and investment and continues to pay more efforts to invest in the sectors including infrastructure, real estate, urban comprehensive development, building industrialization, underground space, energy saving and environmental protection. The real estate business ranks in the “Top 5” in Hubei Province. CCTEB has invested in Wuhan to build up a green building industrial park, which is rated as the first “National Housing Industrial Base” in Hubei Province with a complete building industrial chain. In addition, investment is made to develop the urban comprehensive development project of "Sino - French Eco-city". CCTEB invests annually 40 billion Yuan and has completed totally the investment of 170 billion Yuan.

Thanks to the development for 50 years, CCTEB has four major development advantages in the industry:

Management advantages: CCTEB is one of the earliest companies in the industry introducing the GB/T19001 Quality Management System, GB/T24001 Environmental Management System, and GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and certified by authoritative institutions. The 《Company Management Standards》, 《Project Management Standards》 and 《Job Management Standards》 with the value chain theory as the core were prepared and implemented. CCTEB has created the general contracting management ability leading in the industry, developed and applied the integrated project management system with independent intellectual property rights. CCTEB has widely used the information technology and created an integrated business management platform with the significance of promotion in the industry. Creatively applying the system management ideas and methods to all sectors of business management, CCTEB has realized the coordination between the standardized and informationized operation and management.

Technical advantages: CCTEB has an independent Engineering and Technology Research Institute at provincial level and a research and development team containing several hundreds of talents. Unique advantages are available in nine sectors including ultra-high-rise building construction, deep foundation pit construction, large span steel structure installation, in-depth design and construction, green construction and BIM technology. CCTEB has won 15 national science and technology invention awards, 230 scientific and technological progress awards at the provincial and ministerial level, and 1414 national patents; developed and concluded 1248 construction methodologies at national, provincial and ministerial levels; and presided over or participated in the preparation of 42 national and industrial standards. In addition, 11 projects won the title of gold medal demonstration project of national construction industry new technology application,26 projects won the title of national green demonstration project.

Talent advantage: CCTEB has 30 talents entitled to the special government allowances, 37 British Charted Builders/Surveyors, 3476 national registered constructors or associate constructors (including 2845 constructors); and 7547 technicians with intermediate or senior technical titles. The talents are sufficient to build up over 1000 large project management teams. CCTEB has the cooperative relations with the Tsinghua University, Tongji University, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other universities and research institutes in order to improve the strategic alliance of production, learning and research, and has established the post-doctoral workstations and industrial bases in order to build up a platform accumulating the excellent talents.

Resource advantages: CCTEB has established a global procurement and supply system that provides a strong ability of resource configuration; attached a great significance to the cooperation between banks and companies, with the comprehensive bank credit exceeding 100 billion Yuan; mastered over 500 sets of large-scale machines and equipment, such as the shield machine and the tower crane with the largest lifting capacity in China; reached cooperative relations with over 1000 high quality labor subcontractors that can provide 300,000 labors.

CCTEB is promoting to transform the enterprises into comprehensive high-end builders, modern enterprise groups that attach equal importance to construction and investment, and transnational enterprises integrated at home and abroad and striving to build up an outstanding construction company, excellent investment company, mature multinational company, high-end modern company, and leading cultural company while striding forward to the direction of the “world-class investment and construction group with the highest value creativity”.

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